Core Body Therapy-Module 1 Core Myofascial Release

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Module 1 Core Myofascial Release

Treatment of Forward Head Posture & Lower Back Pain

Core Body Therapy is a complete system of bodywork not offered in any other institution. Our courses are geared towards dedicated, results oriented therapists seeking to further their practice.

Module 1 is the essential training to give you the techniques and knowledge to treat Forward Head Posture & Lower Back Pain using this advanced system of bodywork. Learn the core elements and philosophy of Core Body Therapy through this hands-on workshop.

A great skill set to add to your existing treatment protocols while teaching you how to work effectively for maximum practitioner efficiency and minimum fatigue.

Note - Module 1 and Module 2 can be completed in any order.

Approved CPE Provider for all major Industry Associations

Sydney | 31 August - 1 September 2019 ---- Newcastle | 2-3 November 2019 ---- Brisbane | 8-9 February 2020 ---- Sydney | 21-22 March 2020 ---- Melbourne | 13-14 June 2020