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About Core Body Therapy

Core Body Therapy was developed by Chris O'Brien in 2003 and continues to deliver high quality courses in Myofascial Release to hundreds of practitioners including massage therapists, physiotherapists, pilates instructors, personal trainers and speech pathologists.

At Core Body Therapy we recognise the need for SMALL GROUPS to give the HIGHEST QUALITY TRAINING possible. Offering courses to suit all levels from 1 day specialty courses through to the Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release, we make sure you get plenty of one on one time for optimum learning with ongoing support as long as you require.

Chris' comprehensive training in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Deep Tissue massage coupled with his knowledge on movement and body connectivity and corrective exercise make Core Body Therapy one of the leading institutions for Myofascial Release training.

Our Education Philosophy

Core Body Therapy endeavours to teach a solid foundation in musculoskeletal and myofascial anatomy with a hands-on approach to learning through ample practical time to complete the cognitive and kinaesthetic approach.

Core Body Therapy courses foster an environment of curiosity and exploration to ensure active engagement by all participants. The focus of our courses is to offer high quality training that will not only improve clinical results but also deliver a profound understanding of the musculoskeletal and myofascial system and the development of the therapists tactile skills to the highest level.

2021/2022 Course Schedule

Pre-recorded                       Treatment Strategies for the Foot & Ankle Complex
Pre-recorded                       Lower Back Pain - A Wholistic Approach

29-31 October 2021           Module 2 - Applied Myofascial Release  Course Full
19-21 November 2021       Module 4 - Advanced Myofascial Release  
29-30 January 2022           Myofascial Release of the Lower Limbs
3-6 February 2022             Module 5 - Cranium, Headaches & Advanced TMJ 
27 February 2022              Treatment of Headaches
19-20 March 2022             Module 1 - Core Myofascial Release
30 April 2022                     Advanced Pelvis 
1 May 2022                       Myofascial Release for Hip Impingement Syndromes  
17-19 June 2022               Module 2 - Applied Myofascial Release
09-11 September 2022     Module 3 - TMJ, Neck & Pelvis
18-20 November 2022      Module 4 - Advanced Myofascial Release

19-20 February 2022       Module 1 - Core Myofascial Release
30 July 2022                      Advanced Pelvis 
31 July 2022                      Myofascial Release for Hip Impingement Syndromes 

Course Prerequisites

All Core Body Therapy courses require the participant to have completed a minimum
of any certificate level qualification that includes Anatomy & Physiology

Module 1 - Core Myofascial Release                             No prerequisite
Module 2 - Applied Myofascial Release                         No prerequisite
Module 3 - TMJ, Neck & Pelvis                                      Module 1 OR Module 2
Module 4 - Advanced Myofascial Release                     Module 2 OR Module 3
Module 5 - Cranium, Headaches & Advance TMJ         Module 3 OR Module 4
Advanced Pelvis                                                            No prerequisite
Myofascial Release of the Lower Limbs                        No prerequisite
Treatment of Headaches                                               No prerequisite
Postural Assessment & Foam Rolling                           No prerequisite 
Myofascial Release for Hip Impingement Syndromes   Any of Module 1, Module 2, MFR of the Lower Limbs OR Advanced Pelvis

Course Recognition & CPE

IICT - The international Institute for Complimentary Therapists. Core Body Therapy is a Platinum Training Provider with IICT. Once you have graduated with your Professional Certificate in Myofascial Release from Core Body Therapy, you are eligible to join IICT and receive professional membership and insurance.

ATMS - Australian Traditional Medicine Society - Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed - 8 CPE per day

ANTA - Australian Natural Therapists Association - Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed - 8 CPE per day

Massage & Myotherapy Australia - Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed - 1 day courses 15 CPE, All other courses 30 CPE

Massage Association of Australia - Endorsed Education Activity for CPE for all courses completed - 8 CPE per day

Association of Massage Therapists - Approved for CPE for all courses completed - 35 CEU per day

Pilates Alliance Australasia - Endorsed Education Activity for PDP for all courses completed - 1 day courses 8 PDP, 2+ day courses 10 PDP. (Treatment of Headaches and Postural Assessment course excluded) Maximum 10 PDP per 2 year period.

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